Consultancy Service

Air Sea Freighters Ltd. offers consultancy services to clients on the requirements and regulations in importation of goods into Nigerian including tariffs rates and the respective harmonized codes.

In the transport sector, we ensure that we advise clients appropriately on the mode of shipping their goods by air or sea depending of course on the quantity/volume and urgency of the material for the intended project or market.


We advise importers and exporters on documentation requirements and procedures in conformity with the particular trade.

Presently, importation into Nigeria is on Destination inspection whereby the goods are inspected physically in the Port of destination by the Nigeria Customs Service and the authorized Agencies in order to determine/establish the quantity, quality and value which must meet with international Standard (lSO) Shipments of food items (frozen or dried), drugs, chemicals, etc. require NAFDAC permit which we give advice on documentation requirement and do obtain the permit for client who needs our services.


lmport duty Assessment is based on harmonized Tariff and where there is ambiguity, we do seek and obtain tariff clarification or decision.

Likewise, if there is wrong application of rates or weight/measurement on port charges, we do ensure correct interpretation and correction.